Program branding

Little Kelpie devised the campaign identities for the museum’s music series, as well as their film collaboration with the George Eastman House.

Sound Series, a seasonal music performance series, has featured a range of iconic and pre-iconic musicians, from Yo La Tengo to Perfume Genius to Vampire Weekend. Held in the intimate Warhol Theater, these shows are some of the best around.

Our campaign identity features undulating typography that you can almost hear if you listen closely.

However you won’t hear a thing at most of the George Eastman House series of silent films, except for the scene-setting live accompaniment and few “talkies” featured.

It was a rare treat to work with the stunning black and white imagery from these films in the print collateral we developed. The single-color design, which changes for each screening in the series, keeps the focus on the stills in each piece.

Sound Series logo for The Andy Warhol Museum
The Andy Warhol Museum's George Eastman House series print collateral