Allegheny County Airport Authority

The inaugural brochure for the airport’s Art in the Airport program features Clayton Merrell’s artwork as a 69,000 square foot terrazzo tile floor.

The Art in the Airport program provides weary travelers with the opportunity to refresh and reflect by engaging with public art within and around the busy confines of the airport. Whether a first-time or well-worn path, passengers can discover the unexpected, connecting them to aspects of the local region or to something deep within themselves.

We worked with the airport to devise the first formal publication featuring a single work their growing program.

The pocket-sized guide to Merrell’s The Sky Beneath Our Feet (2015) is a bird’s-eye view map and with imagery of the huge floor, which features silhouettes of many recognizable Pittsburgh structures and neighborhoods inlaid across a gradient blue sky spiked with white clouds. Dotted flight paths connect different locations within the 1.5 acres of the airport’s central core.

Silhouette in Clayton Merrell's The Sky Beneath Our Feet at the Pittsburgh Airport