Chatham Baroque

We’ve worked with this trio to devise their performance campaign collateral for nine consecutive seasons.

Never seen a Chatham Baroque performance? They appear in every type of venue, from an intimate, lively performance at Bar Marco or as part of an opera in collaboration with Quantum Theatre in a little-known theater inside the Union Trust Building.

Since 2010 Little Kelpie has collaborated with Chatham Baroque to promote their performance seasons as well as design the packaging for their recordings published under their own label. And we’ll never forget art directing a shoot where we asked Andrew, Patty, and Scott to leap into a swimming pool in black-tie.

Removing the expected seventeenth- and eighteenth-century imagery from their visual identity in our first season together—think scripty typography and illustrations of olde—we embarked on a journey to introduce timeless music to a contemporary audience.

Chatham Baroque 2015–2016 season posters
Chatham Baroque 2014–2015 season posters
Chatham Baroque 2012–2013 season posters
Chatham Baroque season posters
Chatham Baroque season posters 2011–2012