Trying Together

We helped PAEYC with a comprehensive redevelopment of their visual identity, including a new name for the 50-year-old organization.

The Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children (PAEYC) had a long name, a big acronym, and a disparate collection of sub-brands and communication materials. With significant growth and the launch of a new strategic plan, PAEYC needed a cohesive way forward that represented the organization’s vibrant personality and expert work with caregivers of children.

After consulting with a large and diverse group of stakeholders, we developed a new visual identity that evokes the content of their work as well as their playful spirit.

Using the emotions that both children and their caregivers experience in a day, we devised a broad set of icons that feature a range of feelings, from happy to teary, OK to frustrated. The primary logo is comprised entirely from the curves, lines, and squiggles of these facial gestures.

We redeveloped their primary communication materials, including their website and various print pieces, which feature photographer Ben Filio’s touching moments between children and their caregivers simply trying together.

Trying Together

We need to remember that children are trying, too—trying to understand their feelings and their world, trying to please the people they love, trying to grow. When grownups and children are trying together, just about anything can be possible.

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